When signing the Rental Agreement, the Renter acknowledges and accepts that he/she has read these Conditions, and agrees with them. The Conditions and the Rental Agreement are inseparable.

Driver's Qualification

Cars can be rented by the drivers who are at least 21 years old and have minimum one year of driving experience.

To hire a car the renter must present a valid driving license, passport and a credit card. International driving licenses are required only if the national driving licenses are not written in Latin letters and for the US citizens.


Authorized operator of the vehicle

According to the Rental Agreement, only the Renter is authorized to drive FreeWay vehicle. Any other person can be registered as an additional driver. Additional drivers must present valid driving license, passport. Additional fee will be charged for this service. All the additional service prices are fixed in the price list.

The Customer accepts that he/she will not permit anyone to drive the Vehicle:

A) who is not authorized by the TravelCar staff and is not registered in the Rental Agreement
A) who does not meet the minimum requirements of TravelCar or official state law regarding driver’s age, validity of driving license and/or any other minimum requirements;

B) who is influenced by alcohol, narcotic or any other stuff affective consciousness or ability to react, or who is exhausted.


Validity of the conditions

A) FreeWay has the right at his sole decision change the Conditions or make amendments unilaterally and without prior notice.

B) Any dispute or controversies between FreeWay and the Renter will be settled between the parties. If a settlement cannot be achieved, then the dispute will be settled in the Republic of Armenia County Court according to the legislation of the RA.


Driving Restrictions

Driving outside of Armenia is allowed only upon the prior written permission by authorized FreeWay personnel only. Such special permission must be added in Rental Agreement.
Driving to Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) is free and does not require any special permissions.

Such permission is necessary for driving to Georgia, is registered in Rental Agreement by FreeWay staff and costs 20 000 AMD. This is one time fee irrespective of the rental length. Such permission can be obtained at the time of rental.


Use of the Vehicle

The Renter must operate the vehicle with the compliance of its registration certificate and technical specifications.

The Vehicle must be parked on the special areas appointed for parking. The Rental is fully responsible for the vehicle documents provided by TravelCar staff.

The Vehicle may not be used:
a) in violation of traffic and other regulations;
b) for illegal actions;
c) for re-renting


d) for driving on areas where traffic is prohibited;
e) for driving lessons;
f) for racing
g) for carrying animals. Transportation of animals is permitted only on prior agreement with TravelCar in specially designed cages


  • Address: 22 Mayisyan St, Yerevan
  • Phone Number: +37441233337
  • E-mail: contact@freeway.rent
  • Working Hours:
    • Monday-Friday (9:00-19:00)
    • Saturday (10:00-17:00)