Freeway provides ultimate flexibility to its customers to enjoy their trip in Armenia or Georgia. With our one-way services, you can take a car from one country and leave it in another. For now, this service is available only for two destinations: Armenia or Georgia. 

In case you come to Armenia, but after you plan to go to Georgia, you can cross the Armenian-Georgian border with our help and leave the car there without the need for returning it to Armenia. In addition, the opposite option is also available, you can take the car from Georgia and leave it in Armenia. Our Georgian and Armenian representatives will pick up the cars right from the appropriate airport.

Don’t bound yourself with limits with Freeway rental.


  • Address: 22 Mayisyan St, Yerevan
  • Phone Number: +37441233337
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    • Monday-Friday (9:00-19:00)
    • Saturday (10:00-17:00)